Conceptual Orientation

  • Increase communication between Health Care Providers;
  • Facilitate access and ability to provide Basic & Specialty Health Care;
  • Identify health problems early before they become serious; and
  • Help Providers be better prepared to deal with the health problems associated with tragedy and misfortune, both natural & manmade (i.e., floods, earthquake, bio terrorism).
Provider Looking at Fixed Image Photo, X-Ray or Slide

VHS™ is appealing for Health Providers who have Patients that are

  • Restricted to their home for medical or other reasons;
  • Handicapped physically and mentally;
  • Elderly, disabled or do not have convenient transportation;
  • Bedridden and unable to travel;
  • Living in isolated or rural areas or
  • Afflicted with Highly contagious or infectious diseases (i.e., HIV/AIDS) or
  • Mentally disturbed and affected by substance abuse disorders.
Provider Communicating with Patient at Home and/or Hospital

VHS™ Offers Providers the Ability to

  • Become part of a National/Global Network of Professional Health Care Providers
  • Establish a State-Wide, National/Global Practice with the ability to service Patients, independent of geographical location;
  • Coordinate a comprehensive professional service from the Hospital, Office or Home;
  • Avoid missed appointments as a result of inability to travel, illness or bad weather;
  • Reduce the need to travel to provide routine professional service;
  • Develop a National Network of health specialists and consultants to support your practice;
  • Access State-of-the-Art, mental health and substance abuse services on a National basis; and
  • Reduce the difference between availability and quality of health care between rural, urban and other medical health care shortage areas.
Provider Communicating with Another Provider

Required Resources

In order for an Institution or Provider to participate in VHS’s Services, they need high speed access (300K or higher) to the Internet, a web camera, and headset microphone. A nominal monthly subscription fee will enable you, as a Hospital, Clinic or Health Care Provider, to access a menu of services and a network of Health Care Providers. Allow VHS to bring your facility and practice into the 21st Century – Please Register Today.
Providers Conducting Conference

VHS™ Final overview

VHS incorporates, embraces and encourages participaton by all Health Care Providers including, but not limited to Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, Nurse Practitioiners, Psychologist, Psychiatrists, Clinical Social Workers, Physical Occupational Therapists, Optomotrists, Dentists, Chiropractors, and Midwives.

Each Provider will have access to the following services:

  1. Unique Provider Code to access AV Options
  2. V-Mail Communications, Network, Referral, Consultation
  3. Chat (text messaging option)
  4. A Virtual Office and Waiting Room
  5. A Special Health Channel of Services for thier Patients
  6. Virtual Intake and Medical Information on Each Patient
  7. Organizational Web Page
  8. Individual Provider Virtual Web Page
  9. Virtual Library
  10. Virtual Laboratory Services
  11. Virtual Training Sessions
  12. Virtual Emergency Alert Network

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